Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aligning the Condenser on a Biological Microscope

Biological microscopes are excellent for research, schools, and laboratories. The condenser should always be kept lint and fingerprint free for the clearest image. To clean the condenser it is best to remove it from the stage with a small screwdriver.

Once the condenser is unscrewed you can clean it and recenter it for optimal viewing. The center of the condenser is indicated with small perforated dots to help the end user align the condenser with the optical axis. If the sub-stage iris is also attached, which is fairly common with biological microscopes, then centering can be achieved by aligning the microscope objective on a low setting.

The sub-stage iris diaphragm should allow for a specific level of light to enter through the condenser thus illuminating the specimen and avoid over exposure. This will ensure proper exposure and resolution of your image and help ensure quality image and video every time you use your OMAX microscope. 

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