Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aligning the Condenser on a Biological Microscope

Biological microscopes are excellent for research, schools, and laboratories. The condenser should always be kept lint and fingerprint free for the clearest image. To clean the condenser it is best to remove it from the stage with a small screwdriver.

Once the condenser is unscrewed you can clean it and recenter it for optimal viewing. The center of the condenser is indicated with small perforated dots to help the end user align the condenser with the optical axis. If the sub-stage iris is also attached, which is fairly common with biological microscopes, then centering can be achieved by aligning the microscope objective on a low setting.

The sub-stage iris diaphragm should allow for a specific level of light to enter through the condenser thus illuminating the specimen and avoid over exposure. This will ensure proper exposure and resolution of your image and help ensure quality image and video every time you use your OMAX microscope. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Choose Fluorescence Microscopy?

   Compound microscopes are primarily used today to focus on sequential focal planes. The translation of 2D and 3D has always been a roadblock in biology. As we all know, life is three dimensional and so biology should be studied in a three dimensional realm.

    Light microscopy, otherwise known as fluorescent microscopy has provided insight into a three dimensional cellular structure through light optics. The major downfall to this procedure is that only specimens must be composed of the thinnest samples in order to be visible in a good image.Fluorescence has since fixed the flaws of traditional light microscopy by offering higher resolution and light from axial focal plans.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

About OMAX Microscopes

OMAX microscope is a Korean microscope manufacturer that has grown in popularity in recent years for its reasonable price point but quality design and features.

MicroscopeNet.com is proud to offer OMAX microscopes and believes in their capabilities of becoming one of the nation's leading microscope manufacturers. OMAX has high quality optics and accessories. OMAX is also highly customizable with kits to add brightfield and darkfield illumination features to a stereo or compound microscope.

We recommend checking out their selection of digital microscopes which will enable you to take videos and images with your OMAX microscope and software that is included in the package.